Day 116

Trump took the day off to recharge his battery pack by stuffing chocolate cake in his pie hole, but the Sunday news programs had plenty to talk about after his latest Twitter outburst about Comey and recorded conversations. Adding to the noise was Kellyanne Conway who found her way out the sealed room Bannon locked her in a few months ago. She came out to tell some lies and Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes at her. She says that it’s an example of sexism…I think it’s just an example of Anderson’s ears hearing too many lies which made his eyes roll back in his head. 

In Charlottesville, a bunch of white nationalists got together for a torch burning event to “protect white heritage.” I’m not sure they were protesting the removal of the statue, or if they were reenacting a lynching (all part of the white heritage movement). Either way, I was wondering if mace was flammable. 

We need something to bring us together; my suggestion is souvlaki.

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