Day 113

Trump turned up the crazy dial to 11 yesterday. First, he invited the Russian press into the Oval Office to take pictures of him with two of the guys involved in the Russian election scandal. Trump said, “Next time bring some KGB guys to plant bugs.” The US press, the enemy, was not invited in because Trump was worried, they’d ask him a question he’d later have to contradict. 

Trump did have a cray-cray interview with Lester Holt where we found out that Comey assured Trump that Trump was innocent, that Comey begged to stay on the job, that Comey is a showboater, that Comey just looks tall but is really 5’10”, that Trump ate a beautiful piece of chocolate cake, that Comey assured Trump three times that he was innocent, that Trump probably illegally interfered with an ongoing investigation by questioning Comey, that Trump was innocent of anything involving Russia, and that Trump shouldn’t ever allow people with brains to interview him. 

Flynn is now refusing to turn over papers to investigators. He’s probably holding out for a plea deal before he rolls over on the ducktail coiffed cheeto.

In other related news, a Russian jet flew within twenty feet of a US jet. (I realize this has been going on for a few years.) Where is Tom Cruise when you need him?. Come on Maverick! America turns its lonely eye to you! 

America also needs a Souvlaki Hut!

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