Day 112

Names of folks to replace Comey as FBI director are flying. I’m sure Trump will pick the best person for the job…maybe Fox News’ Judge Napolitano, or Jeannie Pirro? Mike Pence said that Comey’s firing was not caused by Russian investigation and I would believe him if I thought Trump never lies to Pence. 

Betsy DeVos had a bad day. She went to make a commencement speech and ended up getting booed. It’s a shame. People should be more respectful of people who worked hard to achieve. Those graduates will spend the next ten years paying off student loans while Betsy gets a billion-dollar tax break, someone should have RESPECTED the graduates by not having a silver spooned robot show up to a ceremony celebrating education and hard work. 

Comey might still testify for the Intelligence Committee which could be interesting since he is now free from constraints. Who knows what he might say. If he is under oath, I’m certain he would have to admit that souvlaki is the best.

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