Day 109

The French elections probably saved Europe from becoming Putin’s doormat. Le Pen’s party is seeing if they can get one of those electoral college things in France so a bunch of hillbillies can elect a bigot. 

Sally Yates is set to testify and I’m hoping she lays the foundation for what history will call the Trump Impeachment Trials. I’m sure an acronym will be created that will make that easier to remember. 

Warren Buffet has come out to say that Trumpcare is just a tax break for rich folks. Can’t wait for the healthcare to trickle down to the working class. 

Jared Kushner’s sister is selling Visas to Chinese businessmen for an investment of $500,000. Where’s the free market when you need it? Visas should only cost $250,000. What’s worth half a million? Souvlaki!

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