Day 105

After yesterday’s testimony by FBI Director Comey, I’ve decided that the investigation is either a slow rolling paving machine that will crush all of Trump’s cabinet, or it is one of those movies where one person infects the whole world with a fatal disease. One thing is certain, Anthony Wiener’s libido has caused some pretty serious problems. Maybe he can get some counseling for a pre-existing condition if he lives in a state where they’ll cover that. The house republicans are working on their healthcare plan to replace Obamacare. Some states might cover pre-existing conditions and others won’t, so they have said people might have to move…now that’s leadership. Oh, they are also exempting themselves, because you know, they are so valuable to America. A lady who laughed at Jeff Sessions during his senate confirmation hearing is being prosecuted and could spend a year in jail. I understand decorum is important, but this is unfair, it’s hard not to laugh at Jeff Sessions. Anyone who looks like an elfin, racist bobble-head doll makes it hard on anyone with a sense of humor. The White House is asking for Stephen Colbert to be fired because he said something offensive and disrespectful about Trump (it was pretty funny though). I don’t know if it is more offensive than spending three years saying that the president was born in Kenya and lying about finding some really, really important information that proves Obama is lying. You know what isn’t a lie? That souvlaki is delicious.

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