A Year Of tRUMP

A Short Week: 30-36 Days

Day 30:

Trump said he inherited a mess…Which mess? A country with a free press? His hair? A silver spoon? Leaking spy agencies? Today, Trump is off to a campaign rally in Florida. I get the feeling he’s getting in as much adoration as he can before people start connecting the Flynn dots: Russia…Flynn…Trump…taxes…souvlaki!

Day 31:

Let’s take a moment to celebrate our first of 48 months (give or take 40 months depending impeachment hearings). We survived. Yesterday,I learned about a Bowling Green style attack in Sweden and that my enemy is the free press. I knew it! Tear up the 1st Amendment! John McCain (failed Navy pilot according to Trump) said this is the type of talk that dictators use, but most dictators I know don’t use fake tan products, so take that McCain! What goes best with a loss of Constitutional Rights? Souvlaki!

Day 32:

FBI director, Jimmy “I have another report” Comey, had a closed meeting about Trump’s Russian connections, Sweden asked what our president was smoking, and Trump spent another weekend in Florida. I hope he’s taking some work with him…wait…maybe it’s better if he never takes work home. You know what goes best with homework? Souvlaki

Day 33:

Two weeks: Wondering if by the time we reach a month we’ll be at war in Iran, or Mexico, or Australia… Who knows? By that time, I’ll probably be getting my news at the liberal reeducation camps. What goes great with insanity?

Day 34:

First they came for the illegal aliens…you know the ones taking everyone’s jobs while at the same time living off my hard-earned taxes. I’ll be safe for a few more purges, I’m pretty sure white male liberals are near the bottom of the list of enemies. If I had a press credential I’d start packing a bug out bag. Good luck everyone. You know what goes great with Making America 1953 Again? Souvlaki.

Day 35:

Can you smell that? It smells like resistance. Townhall meetings have been rowdy. Congress members have been taking heat for Trump’s policies and the Rs are in denial. (I’ve been there. It feels good until the ballots are counted.) The Russian shoes keep dropping and Trump keeps saying it is fake news…I guess we’ll see when #CNNLeaks hits the airwaves from reliable news source James O’Keefe. Know what goes best with video editing? Souvlaki.

Day 36:

Yesterday, the Trump administration removed transgender bathroom rights to protect women and children. Let the facts show there have been more elected Republicans arrested for bathroom misbehavior than transgender people. Then the Trumpettes said they might go after the legal pot states…funny, their “mights” end up actually happening. So those of you who like the left-handed cigarettes might start stocking up. What goes best with left-handed cigarettes? Souvlaki!

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