A Year Of tRUMP

A Short Week: 16-23 Days

Day 16:

Two days I couldn’t find on Facebook.

Day 17:

Superbowl Sunday, a day that we can come together and support the Atlanta Falcons. President Steve Bannon is hoping for the Communists to burn down the Reichstag while we’re distracted. Or am I mixing up my history? Another beautiful combination is Souvlaki!

Day 18:

Snow Day! That means I can watch Betsy DeVos become our new education leader…unless one republican grows a pair of souvlakis and votes against her.

Day 19:

We are closing in on the first month being done. We’re building a wall and New Mexico is paying for it, Hilary is going to be locked up soon, and Trump’s secret plan to destroy ISIS has been put into action…little did we know that destroying the US was the plan. ISIS can’t destroy the US if we do it first. Time for a souvlaki.

Day 20:

Betsy DeVos is now heading the Department of Education. This is a really vivid, long nightmare. I hope when I wake up, I’m well-rested. The first thing I’ll want after a long night’s sleep? Souvlaki!

Three Weeks= 21 days:

Looks like the terrorist organization Nordstrom is in the Trump crosshairs. I feel safer everyday knowing The Donald has his tiny fingers on the pulse of dangerous places. Looks like he’s going after well-known terrorist John McCain this morning. What goes best with strategic attacks? Souvlaki!

Day 22:

Well…Muslim ban revoked…Nordstrom and Iran are on double-secret probation…Trump either spends all his time roaming the White House in a bathrobe, or he doesn’t own a bathrobe…and the wall will cost taxpayers 20 billion dollars and take three years to build. Those bad hombres now have three years to catch a flight over the wall. Busy day, you probably don’t feel like cooking so head out and pick up a souvlaki!

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