Day 364

(It ends tomorrow.) Least racist person you’ll ever interview and most racist person I know, President Fatboy Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Hair Lord Dampnut Dumpster Fire and Furher Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein Von Jenius Von Deal-Maker could not get his deal done to keep the government running. I’m sure that in his head he was going to get his way, but unlike business where you just don’t pay people you want to punish, in government you actually must try to make a deal. Trumplestillskin thinks he can blame the democrats for the shutdown but usually the party with all three branches of government in control will take the blame. More importantly, blame doesn’t matter… this hurts people. 

In Touch magazine, found on the finest supermarket checkout stands in America, has released the 2011 interview they had with Stormy Daniels. The interview was done before she signed the non-disclosure agreement. The details of the affair are about what you’d think: Trumpenstein is a creepy dude who used his power to sneak around behind his wife’s back. Michael Wollf indicated during an interview yesterday that Trumplestillskin is currently having an affair while in the White House. 

The republicans are doing their best to try to take down the Mueller investigation. Devin “This is your brain on drinking Tulare water” Nunes is leading the pack of morons. They are all calling for a release of a secret memo that they believe will bring down Mueller. I wish these morons were half as concerned about Russia as they are with tax breaks for millionaires. 

My concern for nearly a year is one thing: Souvlaki.

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