Day 362

(Three days left.) Least racist person you’ll ever interview and most racist person I know, President Fatboy Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Hair Lord Dampnut Dumpster Fire and Furher Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein Von Jenius is claiming that the plans for the Mexican wall have not changed or evolved at all. This contradicts what John “Machine Gun” Kelly was saying on news programs this weekend. So, is someone lying? That can’t be it. Trumplestillskin doesn’t lie. Take for instance the cooperation that the White House insists is happening with all the investigations. “We are cooperating 100%” Then the White House lawyers tell Bannon and Lewandowski not to say anything. (If Lewandowski doesn’t end up at Gitmo I’m going to be disappointed.) This is what Orwell called Doublethink. (The ability to hold two opposing ideas in your head and think both are true.) Trumpenstien followers are able to do this better than any group of turnip heads I have ever seen. 

For example, the Fake News awards were given out last night. (I was expecting something televised, but all that happened was somebody put up a blog piece on the GOP website. My Facebook page, fake news at its finest, did not get a mention.) El Presidente Loco gave out awards for news agencies he said were lying. The guy who has lied 2000 times. The guy who lies so naturally that he probably doesn’t even realize it when it happens. The words are out of his mouth before his brain knows what happened. By the way, most of the award winners had already issued corrections or apologized… there’s something that we have not seen from the White House. There are days it feels like we are all living in Bizarro World. 

The conspiracies around Trumplesillskin’s physical are out floating in the internet. The Girther movement is by far the best. The Girthers are pointing out that Trump, at the age of 71, is claiming to have grown an inch in the past couple of years. They also have people standing next to him who are 6’3″ (the height he claims to be) and he is a good two inches shorter. If he is 6’1″ then he is obese. The label isn’t important to me, but it really seems important to the Fat Boy in the White House. Time to get longer ties to cover that belly. 

Other than that, he is claiming that his dementia test shows he is so smart that he can fix North Korea. If you haven’t seen the test, then you should. It asks stuff like name the three animals in the pictures…lion, rhino, camel. That doesn’t really show much in the way of smarts, but it does make you qualified to sweep up manure at a zoo. 

I just glad the Souvlaki Hut gorilla isn’t on the test. Sometimes it’s hard to tell a gorilla from a monkey.

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