Day 359

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Least racist person you’ll ever meet and most racist person I know, President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Hair Lord Dampnut Dumpster Fire and Furher Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein Von Jenius is celebrating MLK day by volunteering at a local soup kitchen as has become the tradition of presidents since MLK day was founded… Got you! He’s not volunteering, he’s GOLFING! 

El Presidente Loco sent Mike “Future President” Pence to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in WA DC to make a statement. Pence did not get up and walk out after he heard that King was a black protestor, but since he wasn’t at a football game he decided that MLK’s protests were okay. Or, he could have just been covering for his racist boss. 

The failing New York Times just put out milestone list from Trumplestillskin: 2000 lies. That’s right, he has told 2000 lies in his 359 days in office. Around six a day, so one for every diet Coke he drinks. He is also now attacking Dick Durbn (Trumplestillskin is calling Senator Durbin “Dicky” but I don’t believe in name calling, so I’ll keep it as just Dick.) Trumpenstein is claiming that if he can’t trust Dick to keep Donnie’s racist rants secret, then deals can’t get made. “See Dick not keep a secret. You know who knows how to keep a secret? Vlad knows how. See Vlad keep a secret. Vlad knows how to keep a secret. Good, Vlad, good. Vlad is keeping a secret, but bad inspector Mueller keeps getting closer to finding out what Vlad’s secret is.” 

I don’t know what type of DACA deal Trumplestillskin thinks he’s going to make because he still needs to learn what DACA is and who the Dreamers are. I’m not going to hold my breath for him to learn. The guy has had 359 days in office, and I believe he has not learned a single thing… well, he did find out he can’t put a lock on the door to his bedroom and that $130,000 may not be enough to keep a porn star quiet. 

What have I learned in the 359 days? That souvlaki never gets old.

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