Day 344

VP Mike “I’m from Indiana, But My House is in Colorado” Pence was greeted outside his house by a rainbow flag with the slogan Make America Gay Again written on it. I’m not sure if this is an attempt to rebrand the MAGA slogan, but I’m all for it. I guess it is time to start asking people about their MAGA bumper stickers and hats, “Do you know what that means? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Lord Dampnut Dumpster Fire and Furher Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein will end the year with the worst approval rating for a first year president since approval ratings were invented by Thomas Jefferson. His base, also know as the uneducated (“I love the uneducated”), is sticking with him. Who can blame them. If a woman gets elected, or a person of color, older white men might start having to be as smart and good at their jobs as everyone else. I hope there will be affirmative action for older tall white guys looking for high-paying coal jobs. 

Let’s end 2017 on a serious note. (I know that is frowned upon here at your daily souvlaki post.) Liberals (libertards if you listen to the howling winds of ignorance) are always caught trying to talk about gun control at the wrong moment. (When no one is shot… what’s the problem? When someone is shot… don’t talk about that now, be respectful.) There were two point five incidents in the last few days that have drawn the gun problem in our country into clear focus for me. 

1. The “swatting” incident in Wichita, Kansas. (A 28-year-old man answering his door was shot and killed by police who recieved a 911 call saying it was a hostage situation. Apparently, the call was put in by an idiot in CA over an online gaming incident.)

2. Seven people were shot, one fatally, in a domestic dispute in Colorado. Many of the people shot were police officers. 

2.5. A drunk guy in a Houston hotel was removed from the hotel when he refused to leave the bar. When he was arrested, they found a large arsenal of weapons in his hotel room that overlooked an area set up for a New Year’s Party. The indication is that he intended to shoot a bunch of people like the moron in Las Vegas. 

Isn’t it time to look at the danger’s guns create in our nation and do something about it? The man shot in the swatting incident was probably shot because the police assumed he was armed. The threat to police is real… see incident number two. There are going to be more incidents of mass shootings until we do something to prevent them… incident 2.5. 

Here are my, reasonable, solutions to guns in the US: 

1. Ban all assault rifles, military style rifles, or whatever you want to call them. Anything that can be modified to shoot like a military weapon. Hunters keep their shotguns and rifles, but must get their registration updated when they get their hunting licenses. 

2. You own a gun for home protection… keep it in your house. If you want to be a cowboy, go live in Somalia. Nobody needs to carry a gun in public unless they are a police officer. 

3. Allow victims of gun violence to sue the gun owner, and the gun companies. If your gun is stolen, you are still responsible for that weapon. What? You didn’t have it locked up like you said you always did? Too bad, if I leave my keys in my car and it is stolen the insurance company isn’t going to replace my car because I was “irresponsible.” We all end up paying for gun violence in higher medical costs when people end up in the Emergency Rooms of America, let’s start making gun manufacturers responsible to create safer weapons. 

4. Everyone who says, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” or “Are you going to ban cars?” or, “The Second Amendment…” or, “Only the bad guys will have guns then,” will have to pay me five dollars. I’m going to be in the one percent! 

Okay, have a Happy New Year, I’ll be in bed by 8 PM right after my evening souvlaki.

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