Day 343

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Lord Dampnut Dumpster Fire and Furher Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein is still involved in his hotel business according to emails from the director of revenue management. Does that matter? Ethically it really does matter, remember how upset all Trumpenstein’s voters were when Hillary wouldn’t release her Goldman Sacks speeches. He promised to break off all his ties to his businesses, remember the big stack of papers he had his lawyers produce? Just another lie, but if you are a Trumperteer you don’t care ’cause you got your coal job back and you’ll soon get that big $100 tax break. You’ll be losing your healthcare and it won’t be long until they come for your social security, but at least you’ll have that new DVD player you’ve been wanting. 

Iran has had large protests and our president has weighed in on Twitter. He ended his tweet with “the world is watching.” Yep, and they are watching you Mr. Turnip Head. 

Other than that, things are quiet down in Mar-a-lago. Too much golf makes an old man tired. I hope he has a chance to rest up so when he gets back to WA DC, he can start working on that infrastructure bill. The first thing he might want to design is a federal prison with an escape hatch for orange men over 70. 

I’ll happily send him a souvlaki care package each day he’s in prison. Think I’m joking…I’ve been posting this nonsense for 343 DAYS! Please make it stop!

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