Day 339

It’s Boxing Day! Can we celebrate by boxing up President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Lord Dampnut Dumpster Fire and Furher Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein and sending him back to the swamp where he belongs?

He is tweeting his morning about the FBI and the dossier that says he colluded with the Russians and did a few other things. His continued attacks against a group of men and women who are the best and brightest of our nation is something to be revulsed by, but his turnip headed followers love it. His proclamation that he has made America great again is exhibit 200 in the evidence that he has no grasp of reality. 

College educated women are leaving the GOP… what turned you around? The misogyny? The attacks on the ability to do what you want with your body? The fact that they will always protect the little blue pill and not women’s healthcare? Did the hairspray used to poof up your hair fog up your brain? (GOP women seem to have really big hair to me.) Was it when you realized that everything the GOP stands for is everything opposite of what you want? I can’t say white males have it figured out yet, so… maybe I’ll be over here in the corner. 

Santa Mueller has been quiet. Trumplestillskin has been loud. I really hope the charges hit the ground when everyone returns to WA DC. Keep hope alive! And, keep those Souvlaki Huts in business.

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