Day 334

The grand distraction machine is winding up. Today “Attach Chihuahua” Jeffro Bowdeen Sessions is dragging out the Uranium One conspiracy because the GOP needs to make sure everyone thinks Hillary did something with Russia and Uranium. Let’s do this. Put Hillary in jail. Just do it. I don’t care if she is innocent or not, obviously nobody in the GOP cares either, so lock her up. Now… can we start locking up everyone involved with the Russian election mess? Yesterday, I listened to some elected moron (Jim Jordan) from Ohio shouting like he wore a tinfoil hat 24/7. He was so proud to be able to lie on national television about how Mueller’s investigation was designed to depose President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumplestillskin Lord Dampnut Von Trumpenstein. The crazy is getting turned up to eleven. In some ways it shows that they are finally realizing that Trumplestillskin is in trouble, in other ways, I feel like I’m living in a nation on the brink of disaster. Cascadia Now!

El Presidente Loco is taking names at the UN today. I hope when he takes names he can spell them. Pretty sure he’s going to write down a bunch of stuff that looks like the alphabet. He only knows about ten nations, so I’m pretty sure all the little nations can vote away. His threat is related to giving aid to those nations. Now, here’s a lesson in governing for all of you who think we should only spend money on billionaires so they can give you a high paying job. We pay nations money so they can be stable. Stable nations don’t have wars. Wars cause disruptions. Disruptions end up costing the US money because our billionaires need to have factories in those nations because they can pay people a dime a day to work. So, when things get unstable it actually costs us more. That is how capitalism works. We need people working under impossibly difficult situations, in barely stable nations, so I can buy five t-shirts for $20. This is an easy concept to figure out, but it is beyond the mental ability of that guy with the big brain. 

Santa Mueller it is time to reel in the big fish. Christmas is four days away. I promise I’ll be good and only eat one souvlaki a day.

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