Day 328

The House will be questioning the head of Cambridge Analytica today. What did Cambridge Analytica do? They are the group who contacted Wikileaks for the Trumplestillskin Administration to get Hillary’s “missing” emails. They are the glue connecting Russia, Wikileaks, and Trumpenstein. So the House seems to be getting closer to where the Russian rubber met the road. The real news is that Santa Mueller has already paved this road… he’s had the information since early Fall. 

Omarosa is out! Out of what is the real question. She was pulling down $180,000 salary to do what? I’m not sure, but the best part of her leaving is that Robin Roberts dismissed her with a “Bye Felicia” after saying that Omarosa probably did have a story to SELL. Ouch! Omarosa is that kid that shows up to birthday parties uninvited. She will survive like the obligate parasite that she is. 

While you were watching the train wreck, someone is stealing your stuff… like your labor rights. An Obama era law made companies responsible for actions of contractors and franchises… that just got revoked on a 3-2 vote by the National Labor Relations Board. This is the kind of stupid stuff that will be hard to repair long after all the Trumpenstein minions are in jail. 

Paul “Ayn Rand Love Child” Ryan says he’s considering not running for office again. Why would he? After he empties the coffers and turns the government over to his donors, he won’t have any more tax breaks to pass out… which is his one life goal. He’ll probably become a lobbyist and get paid five times as much to screw the middle and lower class. 

Will the tax bill pass? Senators are lining up to get their piece of pie. Little Marco Rubio has announced he won’t support the bill, so he’ll be the first one to get a bigger slice. Everyone else will soon say they have reservations about signing the bill, which should cause them to get a big piece too. You know who won’t be getting a big piece? The rest of us. 

I’ll survive on souvlaki and the hope that Santa Mueller is wrapping my present for the holidays.

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