Day 319

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumplestillskin Lord Dampnut Von Trumpenstein is still in charge. In charge of what? In charge of the republican party that just stole public lands so his buddies can extract whatever is of value to them, in charge of the party that is now sending money to Roy “Mall Rat” Moore, in charge of the party that is going to cut children’s healthcare, so their donors get a tax break, and in charge of the most corrupt government in history. (I was going to add US government, but I’m not sure if they aren’t the most corrupt in the history of the world.)

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck “I Don’t Smoke” Grassley said that giving a tax break to the middle class will only encourage people to spend money on booze and women. He then clarified to say the taxes shouldn’t punish “frugality, savings and investment.” He’s talking about the estate tax. The tax that applies to the top one percent. I guess the rest of us need to figure out that all the money we spend on booze and women is keeping us from having a six-million-dollar estate. Too late for me. I have two women in my family. I suppose I should have cut them loose years ago so I could pass on all my money to my son. 

Paul “World’s Worst Advisor” Manafort is probably headed back to jail. Part of his bail deal was to not make public comments… so he decided to work with a Russian spy to write an editorial… an editorial that defended Manafort’s work in the Ukraine. What was his pen name? Paule Shore? Paula Poundstone? Paul “The Sledge” DePledge? Remember when Trumplestillskin said he would hire the best people? Yeah, the best… 

Santa Mueller I’ll buy you a lifetime of souvlaki if you end this now.

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