Day 316

The Senate stayed up late to pass their screw the middle class tax bill. This bill will add to the deficit and give tax breaks to their biggest donors. Everyone else will end up paying more in tax and government programs will get cut so President Agent Orange can pass on more of his Russian money to his family. 

In Hawaii, they are testing early warning sirens for the upcoming nuclear attack by North Korea. I don’t know about you, but if North Korea is going to fire off a rocket I think it should be aimed at Washington DC or Mar-a-Lago. Blowing up Trump’s house would be a boss way to go out. Think about it, Un. 

Winning the internet and twitter this week is James “The Giant” Comey. His tweet after Flynn’s plea was “Let justice roll down like water.” Nice. Quoting scripture is one way to troll Trumpenstien supporters, but it probably went right by El Loco Presidente because his favorite verse is still from “Two Corinthians.” 

THE KUSH is probably binge-watching Cool Hand Luke, The Wire, The Green Mile, and Shawshank Redemption. My suggestion would be watching All The President’s Men and seeing if there is a parking garage where he can meet Santa Mueller. The choice between rolling over on a 72-year-old crazy man or spending the rest of your life in prison shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, but this is a guy who thought colluding with the Russians was a good idea. 

White House lawyer Ty “I Wish My Parents Called Me Cornonthe” Cobb is saying that Flynn is Obama’s fault. Yeah, the guy who fired Flynn is responsible. 

My least favorite Congressman Trey “Draco Malfoy” Gowdy used $150,000 of tax-payer money to settle a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Can we lock him in the same jail cell as THE KUSH and Trumplestillskin? It’s a winning formula for reality television. We’ll call it Two and a half Morons. 

I’m going to eat two and a half souvlakis today to celebrate.

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