Day 315

It has begun…Santa Mueller dropped off his first Christmas gift this morning. General “Disregard for the Law” Flynn has copped a plea to being a liar and is working with Mueller to nail some of team Trumplestillskin. 

The speculation is that THE KUSH is the next one to get named. He is thought to be the one who told Flynn to contact the Russians. He was called in to see Santa a few days ago, probably after Mueller had the Flynn deal, and I’d bet THE KUSH told Santa some lies. The kind of lies that get people like THE KUSH put in jail. 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein must be sweating in his adult diapers today. It won’t be long until THE KUSH is given a deal to roll over on El Loco Presidente. Now, is THE KUSH self-centered enough to turn over the orange one? Will he go to jail for forty years to save his idiot father-in-law? Oh, man this nothing burger is delicious. 

We all could still be killed by North Korea tomorrow. Trumpenstien could fire Mueller. A meteor could strike the Earth and kill us all, but right now, I’m loving where this is heading. I wonder what’s on Faux Newz right now. Probably something about the flag and the NFL. 

I’m going to enjoy my souvlaki and wait for the next shoe to drop. Anyone think Monday is too soon?

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