A Year Of tRUMP

Day 307

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m going to list the things President Agent Orange is thankful for. 

1. The Electoral College

2. Inheriting lots of money

3. Having the best brain

4. Having the best body

5. A court system that protects sex offenders more than victims

6. Hawaiian Sunset spray tan tone

7. Hair club for men

8. Prenuptial agreements

9. A republican controlled congress and senate

10. Low information voters

11. Trickle-down economics

12. Faux Newz

13. Vlad Putin

14. Never releasing his taxes

15. Money laundering 

16. Long ties

17. Tiny hands so he can tweet more easily

18. Faux and Friendz

19. Adult diapers

20. Viagra

21. The Alt Right

22. Neo-Nazis

23. Evangelicals

24. Alabama sex offenders

25. Golfing more than any president in history and not getting called on it. 

Enjoy that turkey. You know an excellent choice for the day after Thanksgiving is a turkey souvlaki. Give it a shot.

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