Day 305

Well, President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstein is going to get practice pardoning a turkey this week. This should be good for his future attempts at pardoning turkeys in his inner circle. Let’s hope the turkey he pardons doesn’t have charges of money laundering in New York…there ain’t no pardon for that. 

Vlad “The Election Impaler” Putin is having Assad over for tea and crumpets to talk about maybe stopping the war in Syria. Assad better check his tea; the Kremlin has a history of serving an especially hot cup of plutonium grade green tea. I’d bet $50 that THE KUSH will be there, in the background, because it’s okay to put THE KUSH in a corner… just don’t do that to Baby. 

Whitefish Energy is stopping their work in Puerto Rico because they aren’t getting paid. Hmmm… this is standard Trumplestillskin business practice. Get a small contractor, and then don’t pay them. MAGA… by screwing the little guy. 

LaVar Ball is getting his airtime. This is going to be an epic battle of divas. I think Trumpenstein has met his match. LaVar has a very specific set of skills when it comes to self-promotion. If you can survive the trolls in sports radio, political skirmishes are nothing. It won’t be long until Trump is flipping tables. 

Santa Mueller, why so quiet? Please bring me a stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving. I’m willing to give up my souvlaki habit if you do.

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