Day 302

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumpenstein sent out some tweets about Senator Al Franken that were a bit hypocritical, but that’s nothing new. His inability to find his phone when it comes to Roy Moore “And More Accusers are Coming Forward” is hard to explain. Maybe his spell check has been disabled for republican tweets. 

I am now convinced that Eric “Formally Known as” Prince (Blackwater, Betsy DeVos’ brother) is possibly the most evil man on earth. His connection to Pizza Gate is damning and I’m certain that it won’t be long before Mueller is using him to make connections between Saudi Arabia, Russia, Niger, and money laundering. (The Podcast Reveal has a great bit of reporting on Pizza Gate and fake news. Eric Prince is one of the people who pushed this story and confirmed that the Clinton’s were using a pizza restaurant as a front for a child sex ring.) I think Prince should have been locked up way back when his mercenaries were murdering people in Iraq, but I can wait until he gets locked up for being at the center of all the Trumpenstein stupidity. 

The only thing at the center of my stupidity is souvlaki.

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