Day 300

To celebrate surviving three hundred days I will report nothing about Trumplestillskin. Let’s pretend he is already in prison. 

Steve “Grandma Glasses” Mnuchin went to the treasury yesterday to see the first bills roll off the printing press with his name on them. His wife (why she was there is a good question) went along dressed as a cross between Kylo Ren and Cruella Deville. Little Stevie went dressed as a dork with lots of money. The pictures of the duo holding up the sheets of money are worth their weight in sheets of money. I can’t wait for this divorce, she is going to take him to the cleaners. “I have become accustom to riding on US Government private jets to see eclipses and honeymooning on the tax-payer’s dime.” Draining the swamp. 

Cards Against Humanity has purchased a little border land to mess with the wall. I think they should build a big door on their land and put a neon sign that says, “This way to the US.” 

THE KUSH has been hiding somewhere in the world, a kind of Where’s Waldo mixed with Carmen San Diego mixed with Eric Stratton. Reports are that he’s been spending lots of time in Saudi Arabia. Hmmm… isn’t that where the crowned Prince is arresting people and starting a little war with Iran? Yep. Probably just a coincidence, because THE KUSH was going to solve Middle East peace as I recall. 

Roy Moore “And More Women are Reporting I’m a Creep” is shedding supporters like a Husky sheds fur in July. A couple more women appeared yesterday to say the the Montgomery Mall/Mauler Rat tried to grab them too. It’s time for Roy to take his cowboy hat and head back to being a joke of a judge. 

Shepherd Smith took his fellow Faux Newz reporters to task yesterday. The reports of Uranium One have been rampant on Faux and Mr. Smith went to town on the false accusations. Shep’s reward was a whole bunch of Faux Newz viewers going crazy on Twitter. Facts don’t matter in the world of Faux Newz. 

The only thing that matters at the Souvlaki Hut is that you bring a big boy appetite.

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