Day 297

Politico has an interesting article about Santa Mueller’s investigation. Seventeen prosecutors have each been selected because of their special skills (like Liam Neeson). My favorite line from the report was that information was withheld when the Papadopolous charges were filed because it was a small part of a much larger investigation. 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumpenstien III is in the Philippians meeting with fellow Presidential lunatic Duterte. Trumplestillskin mentioned human rights violations but did it like this, “How did you get away with violating the human rights of your enemies? Asking for a friend.” 

Faux Newz is reporting that Roy “Ain’t No Commandment Against That” Moore is suing the Washington Post. The rest of the news agencies are reporting that the cowboy hat wearing, tiny gun carrying, tightey-whitey wearing Moore said in a speech that he was thinking about suing the Post. Moore is a public figure and would lose the case, he knows this. Faux know this too, but Faux is reporting it this way for the purpose of making people who watch their channel feel like he is getting railroaded. Then they can vote for pretend Roy Rogers without feeling guilty. 

60,000 white supremacists gathered in Poland to light flares and look scary. They want an all-white, Christian nation. I vote for North Korea. You guys can have that whole area, you just have to get the Koreans to leave. Good luck. Why we can’t get these morons and the ISIS morons together for a fight to the death is beyond me. If Bill Gates wants to do something good with his money maybe he can buy everyone on both sides airline tickets to the same place and have them fight until everyone is dead. Let’s fly everyone off Puerto Rico for a month, fly these guys on, and let them go at it. Problem solved. 

The winners get souvlaki for life and a championship belt that says, “Superior Race.”

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