Day 296

“Fat Short” (rap alias) Kim Jong Un called Trumplestillskin an old lunatic. President Agent Orange responded in his usual classy manner by saying that he wasn’t old and he never called Un fat and short. Anyone else notice Trump, who is 71 and factually old, is denying reality and not denying that he is a lunatic? 

The orange man with tiny hands and big plans is offering his sage wisdom to intercede in the South China Seas. He’s quite a deal maker, I’m sure he’s just the guy to solve this problem. 

James Clapper and John Brennan said this morning that Trumpenstein is getting played by Putin. I’m not sure what tune Putin has VonTrumpie playing, but I’ll bet it’s something like Rage’s “Know Your Enemy.” 

The Senate race in Alabama is tightening. Judge Roy “Ain’t No Commandment Against That” Moore is claiming that his accusers are lying and he’s going to get them …again. Here’s the thing, with this idiot running the race shouldn’t be tightening, it should be a blowout for the democrat, but the people of Alabama would rather vote for a molester than a democrat. When Anthony “Carlos Danger” Wiener gets out of jail he should move to Alabama and run for office. That’d really confuse those NASCAR hillbillies. 

You know what confuses me? Why there isn’t a Souvlaki Hut in every city.

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