A Year Of tRUMP

Day 295

Vladimir “the election Impaler” Putin told President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Brains that Russia did not interfere with the election …Trumplestillskin believed him, because, you know, who can trust the 17 US agencies that said that Russia did? Trumpenstein holds some interesting false beliefs:

1. He is smart

2. Melania thinks he’s sexy

3. His long ties cover up his large belly.

4. His hair looks good. 

5. He’s a deal maker. 

6. His hands are big. 

7. Mike Pence likes him. 

8. He’s not going to prison. 

9. Nobody knows he uses a spray tan called Hawaiian Sunrise. 

10. Paul Manafort isn’t a Russian spy. 

Judge Roy “There Ain’t a Commandment Against That” Moore says he’s innocent. His supporters believe him. This is the same group of wackos who thought Hillary set up a child sex ring in a pizzeria basement …a pizzeria without a basement …or children …or Hillary. Now they believe that this creep is being set up. 4 eyewitnesses and 30 people who were told about Moore’s behavior and a pizza sex ring sounds more logical?

The most logical of all thoughts is to eat a souvlaki for lunch.

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