Day 292

Well, the democratic party had a good election night which should start to cause some republicans to think twice before they tie their futures to Team Trumplestillskin. Maybe a few of them will start to push the Russian collusion and roll the Orange Umpalumpa out of the White House. 

Our current commerce secretary, Wilbur “Big Money, Small Shoes” Ross is getting outed by the Paradise Papers. If you haven’t heard of the Paradise Papers just keep watching the news. There was document leak from the Bahamas that an investigative journalism group in Germany has their hands on. Madonna, Bono, The Queen, and lots of other people are hiding money down there. Wilbur Ross is also …and there are direct connections between Ross’ shipping company and Putin. Interesting. Can we arrest everyone now? Please. 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumpenstein III is in Korea. He didn’t make it to the DMZ because of the weather. Apparently, his bone spurs act up anytime he is near a war zone. Must be tough to be such a tough, no nonsense guy and never get to fight a real battle. Maybe we can organize a fight between Trump and Rand “China Doll” Paul’s neighbor. 

Santa Mueller is quietly working away, preparing for the big day when we will all get our presents. I still want a yearlong supply of souvlaki.

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