Day 291

While in Japan yesterday, a country where mass shootings don’t exist because their mental health system is so great (winky face), President Agent Orange said that if there was gun control then hundreds more people would have been killed in the church shooting. Let’s break this down a touch. In the “bad guy with a gun” scenario that the NRA is so proud to roll out, we needed a “good guy with a gun.” We had one. A guy got his gun and shot the gunman twice. So, he stopped him, kind of, way to go NRA! Now in this scenario, 26 people were killed. That’s how it works? Success is 26 dead people? 

“Well, if everyone had a gun, he wouldn’t have killed anyone. You can’t stop bad guys from getting guns.” Okay, let’s apply that stupid idea to North Korea. In order to stop North Korea, we should arm all countries with nuclear weapons, because the only way to stop a bad country with a nuclear weapon is a good country with a nuclear weapon …and they are going to get them anyway, so let’s start passing out atomic bombs. Sounds like a great idea. 

Carter “Russian Piñata” Page is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time Mueller hits him with a stick more Russian candy comes out. We now know he had more meetings with Trump and more meetings with Russia. Hey, Donnie, your collusion is only as strong as your weakest link. 

Greek media is following up on George Papandopolous and it looks like he was running around Greece and Cyprus doing things for Trump. Cyprus keeps popping up. I guess the banking system in Cyprus has great perks …free toasters? Unmitigated access to Trumplestillskin?

According to lawyers familiar with the case, Rand “China Doll” Paul’s attack had nothing to do with politics …Rand is just a dick. 

Don-Fredo’s meeting with the Russian lawyer is coming into focus and it sounds like there was a Quid Pro Quo going on. “You give us Hillary dirt. We’ll get rid of sanctions.” Reports are claiming that the Russian lawyer is talking and that is what she is saying. The only Quid Pro Quo I’m going to be involved in is for souvlaki.

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