Day 289

Santa Mueller seems to be preparing another Mueller Monday. This time it is going to be Michael “Lock Her Up…Not Me” Flynn and his darling little boy. Reports are that Mueller has enough to indict both of them. Let’s just keep doing this every Monday until Trumplestillskin appears under my tree in an orange suit. 

President Agent Orange is in Asia on what I’ll call “The Interpreters Worst Nightmare Tour.” Good luck translating that Trump-speak into another language. 

Trumpenstien’s approval ratings are the lowest in 70 years. That’s almost as long has he’s been alive. I wonder if he realizes that Nixon had better approval ratings as he went through the Watergate hearings. 

Rand “No Government is the Best Government” Paul just got assaulted by a neighbor. The assault was stopped by security…paid for by tax dollars…maybe he’s right. Maybe we shouldn’t pay any taxes. All these Libertarian snowflakes need to start going to the gym. My workout routine is eating one souvlaki a day.

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