Day 285

There was a terrorist attack yesterday in NYC. An Uzbekistan guy rented a Home Depot truck and ran down a bike lane in the city. A dozen people were killed. He was shot and taken into custody. It appears this guy came to the US about six years ago, was illiterate, moved from Ohio to Florida, and was radicalized once he was in the US by stuff he saw on the internet. President Agent Orange Julius Caesar went to Twitter immediately and called for Extreme Vetting. It’s like our president is one of those pull string dolls that has about ten things he says, “Lock her up…My hands are normal sized…Extreme vetting…I’m going to build a wall…And Mexico is going to pay for it…What the hell is going on…I did not touch that girl…Grab them by the *****…He never said collusion…My daughter, Ivanka, look at that body.” Just a question, how long did it take Trump to respond to the Las Vegas shooting? Why wasn’t he calling for 60-year-old millionaires to undergo extreme vetting? You know the only way to stop a bad guy with a rented Home Depot truck is a good guy with a rented Home Depot truck. 

The accused terrorist would have passed Donnie’s little extreme vetting test because he didn’t come from one of the banned countries, had no evidence of terrorist beliefs before arriving, and was radicalized in the USA…just like every doomsday bunker building idiot with ten military weapons. 

Don-Fredo, between Googling “How long do you spend in prison for crimes against the USA?” and deleting emails, had time to tweet about socialism. He took a picture of his daughter’s Halloween candy and said he was now going to give away half of it so she could get used to socialism. (This guy should restrict his tweets about candy. Remember the bowl full of immigrants/Skittles?) Maybe she should get used to capitalism. She could have been born in a family who spent all of Halloween working hard to get candy, but only got one piece because they couldn’t afford a good costume and live in a bad neighborhood where no one has candy to give out because they actually WORK for a living. Donnie-Fredo doesn’t even understand that everything he has was handed to him. His silver spoon is stuck so far up his rear it is making his brain waves malfunction. 

I’m going to use my silver spoon to eat a souvlaki.

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