Day 284

What has George “Will Wear A Wire For Food” Papadoupoulos been up to since he was arrested in April…the day after the FBI raided Manafort’s house? Well, this guy who Trumplestillskin once named as one of his important international aides is now persona non grata on Team Trumplestein. Did he wear a wire to meet with key White House staff? Oh, I’m betting that happened. Are there a bunch of people in the White House checking to see if they had a meeting with Papadouploulos? I’m betting so. Oh, Santa Mueller, please arrest THE KUSH next. I’ll take Don Fredo, but THE KUSH would be the best New Jersey Tragedy since Chris “Beached Whale” Christie’s Bridge Gate. 

The distraction machine over at Faux Newz is acting like President Hillary Clinton has been out murdering babies in her free time. 1. Hillary isn’t president. She probably should be, but that didn’t happen. #Russia 2. Her emails aren’t going to be as interesting as all the Trump emails that will soon be hitting the airwaves. 3. Maybe it is time to have Sean “Graying Devo Hair” Hannity arrested for being a bloated bag of lying pus. 

“Machine Gun” John “The Only Adult” Kelly said yesterday that the Civil War happened because people wouldn’t compromise. Okay…I guess you could say that about every war. Hitler wouldn’t compromise. If only those Spartans would have compromised. Vietnam…Iraq…Afghanistan, all could have been avoided if we just learned to compromise. That makes sense…kinda…but the Civil War was about one side thinking you can own people and the other side thinking you couldn’t. How would a compromise have worked out there? You can own 3/5ths of a person?

Well, North Korea had its nuclear test mountain collapse. 200 people probably were killed. Will this slow thing down? Who knows, Agent Orange is going to need a war to get himself out of this investigation, so don’t hold your breath. 

The only war we should be starting is a war on souvlaki. Everyone get out there and kill one today.

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