Day 283

Today’s special at the Souvlaki Hut: The Nothing Burger. What’s in it? Paul “I Accidentally Left the Cannelloni and The Gun” Manafort, Rick “Rusty” Gates, 31 pages of Mueller’s investigation so far, 12 charges (conspiracy, money laundering, false statements to federal agents, being a spy…), $18 million in undisclosed earnings…and an orange suit with accompanying handcuffs. (That’s a lot of stuff in a Nothing Burger.) 

No doubt this is the first part of Santa Mueller’s 56 days of Christmas. “You get an indictment. You get an indictment! Everyone gets an indictment.” 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Dumpster Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumplestillskin Von Trumenstein is already tweeting that there is no collusion and why isn’t Hillary in jail? 

1. You might want to look up collusion in the dictionary Donnie…your big brain might want to know the word before you end up seeing it on your impeachment papers. 

2. You want to put Hillary in jail? Um…did you know that you’re uncharge of the DOJ? If you think there is something there, then go for it. I’m pretty sure your Faux Newz Turnip Headed followers will buy what you’re selling but the rest of us are not getting distracted by Uranium One stories. 

3. If you start upping your orange tan game, you might blend in with the prison suit. 

In case you thought Betsy “Guns don’t kill people Bears Do” Devos was just taking it easy, keep your eyes on her attempt to make it harder to escape the student loan debt of for-profit-scam-colleges…aka, Trump University. This is all you need to know about these folks that want vouchers for schools. This has nothing to do with kids getting a hand up, it has everything to do with rich folks getting money to send their child to a private school on the taxpayer’s dime, and, more importantly, allowing schools to become for-profit sources of money for people like Betsy.

Well, it looks like lots of people are interested in today’s special. Can’t wait until we can offer the Trump Impeachment Souvlaki.

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