Day 278

Jeff “I’m Not a Snow” Flake went full Sarah Palin yesterday on the Senate floor. His call for a return to sanity will be followed by a bunch of tweets from the oval office no doubt. His colleague, Bob Corker, has started the hashtag of the year: #AlertTheDaycareStaff. Now we have a way to respond to Trumplestillskin’s tweets. Baby steps…baby steps. 

We found out that the DNC and Hillary paid for the controversial Trumplestillskin dossier. That isn’t much of a surprise, but we don’t know which republican running against Trumpenstein started the dossier payments. (Yes, it started before Hillary.) 

Paul “All Roads Lead To Russia” Manafort has one more charge added to his list: money laundering. It certainly looks like the Mueller investigation is piling up charges against him so he will roll over on team Trump. Let’s hope it happens soon. 

The Niger tragedy is still unclear, but here’s my conspiracy theory. I think Betsy “When Bears Attack” DeVos’s brother will eventually get pulled into this thing. He’s the guy behind Blackwater. He’s also the guy who had secret meetings in the Middle East with THE KUSH. His company has been providing mercenary services for the US military for a long time. It’s time for him to answer some questions. 

Somebody tossed a couple Russian flags at President Agent Orange yesterday. It was either a security breech, or the tourist picked them up from Trumplestillskin’s oval office desk. 

If I’m going to toss anything at Trump it’s going to be a souvlaki.

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