Day 277

As details come trickling out about the ambush in Niger, Agent Orange Julius Caesar is tweeting that one of the widows of the four men killed is lying about the presidential phone call to her. For Trumplestillskin this seems even more brainless than other Twitter attacks, but you can’t potty train a two-year-old in 277 days…can you? 

The Niger details could lead one to believe that Trumpenstein’s tweets are there to distract from the mess. I don’t think it is time to start shouting Benghazi, but maybe our senators should know we have soldiers in Niger…at a minimum. 

Bob Corker is telling Trump to stay away from the tax reform discussions. Trump then sent out two tweets about how Bob Corker helped Obama negotiate the Iran deal and how Corker decided not to run after Trump said he wouldn’t endorse Corker. I just gonna put this out there…could Trump be lying about this stuff? I mean, there seems to be mounting evidence that Trump lies. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it almost seems like we have elected a lying egomaniac. 

The EPA (ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY!) is not going to allow some of their scientists to speak at a gathering of scientists who are discussing the pollution of the Narragansett Bay. Yep, ignoring stuff always makes it go away. Wait…hold on…you mean if I start ignoring Trump he’ll disappear? I wish it worked that way. 

Something I’ll never ignore is a fresh souvlaki.

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