Day 276

Frederica “Cowboy Hats Aren’t Just For Cowboys” Wilson is firing back at the White House. She accused Machine Gun Kelly of being a Trumplestillskin puppet and isn’t backing down from her comments about how the President’s comments to the grieving widow were insensitive. The widow,Myeshia Johnson, spoke out this weekend saying that Trumpenstein could not remember her husband’s name. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Trumplestillskin supporters will continue to defend him, it doesn’t matter if there were five thousand incidents like this. (I think we are approaching 3000 incidents at day 276.) Yes, he is an idiot. Yes, he has not empathy. Yes, he has the attention span of a newborn puppy. 

John “War Heroes Do Get Captured” McCain sent a volley President Agent Orange’s way when he said that there were people in the highest income level who avoided the draft during Vietnam. I’m sure Trumplestillskin will produce a doctor’s report stating that his bone spurs were the best, most beautiful bone spurs ever. Let’s be honest here, do we really want soldiers like Trump in the armed services? I’m not macho, macho man, but if I were in a fox hole with that guy, I’d be tempted to frag him…and I’m a pacifist. 

The congressional investigations into Russian interference are embroiled in internal fighting and will probably produce two different reports when the house committee finishes up. We will get a report from the republicans titled, “Lies” and one from the democrats titled, “We Couldn’t Beat This Guy?” Devin Nunes is still hovering around the committee making it hard to get anything done even though he is supposed to be back milking cows in the Central Valley. 

B-52s are on 24-hour alert, so we got that going for us. It might be time to double down on that life insurance you’ve been thinking about. I’m going to double down on souvlaki.

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