Day 275

In a tweet yesterday, Agent Orange Julius Caesar took credit for the Second Amendment, the military, ISIS (I’m assuming he is saying he has defeated ISIS, not the creator), VA improvements, the Supreme Court, a record stock market, and the lowest unemployment in 17 years. That’s so much winning I am officially sick of winning. I’ll print out a certificate saying, “Best President Ever!” if you go home and don’t come back. 

The stock market is going gang busters, I’m probably not the only person who thinks this is temporary, because all the Wall Street leeches think they are going to get corporate tax breaks and the inheritance tax is going to be revoked. When those things don’t happen, the market will come crashing back down and we will end up bailing out these Wall Street “geniuses” again. Good thing the only thing wrapped up in the market is my retirement. 

Other than that, Trumplestillskin is doing what he normally does, calling a congressperson a wacko, and saying things that only a senile 90-year-old says. 

Enjoy your Sunday and a souvlaki.

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