Day 272

Another day, another wackadoodle controversy coming from the White House. This time it is all about President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Salad Hair and whether he said to the widow of a fallen soldier, “He knew what he was signing up for…but it probably still hurts.” And then there is the $25,000 check he promised to send another grieving parent back in June. (The check got sent yesterday.) In Trumplestillskin’s efforts to out-patriot all of the presidents before him, he has drawn attention to the one fact that is hard to ignore: he is an idiot. The words that come out of his mouth are often untrue. He has no empathy. He lacks the basic understandings that go with being a human. He is tactless. The world of Donnie Trumpie is the center of the Trumpenstein universe and nothing else matters to him. (Voted the dumbest universe 71 years in a row.) He is an orange sun of moronic behavior and stupidity. 

Trumplestillskin supporter and Nazi idiot, Richard “I Like Big Punches to the Face and I Cannot Lie” Spencer is off to speak at University of Florida today. I’m sure he’ll have lots of examples of how white guys are the best. He’s the example I’ll use to prove him wrong: Donald Trump. If white guys are so much better, explain this genetic malfunction. Everyone is preparing for protests, counter protests, counter counter protests, and protests of the counter counter protests. It has already cost the university a bunch of money to prepare for Hurricane White Nationalist Idiot. Here’s an idea to make the money back, sell tickets, fill the Florida Gator Stadium and hold a White Nationalist Thunderdome. 5,000 white nationalists enter, one leaves. 

I’m waiting for the great souvlaki thunderdome of 2017. One souvlaki enters my stomach…

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