Day 268

60 Minutes is going to expose the opioid hypocrisy in congress tonight when they show how the corporations paid off congressmen to strip the DEA of power. So, when you say, “Government should be run like a business, is this what you mean?” 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Fire and Fuhrer Von Trumpenstein is going to decertify the Iran nuclear deal and kick the can to congress where they will be forced to vote on it. This is a cynical bit of politicking that is going to put all his enemies on record so he can leverage tax cuts for his buddies. He’s done the same thing by revoking Obamacare payments. People will lose healthcare and die because Trumplestillskin wants to revoke any Obama era program. His promise to revoke and replace is going to be left up to someone else. This is his art of the deal. Damage people and then say, “Not my fault.” His entire “plan” is to run the country like he has run his businesses, bully until you break the little guy…if that doesn’t work, run away. 

More than 50% of republicans want war with North Korea. Yep, as long as they don’t have to fight, or know anyone who has to fight, they’re all for it. The entire republican platform can be summed up in this simple concept: I don’t care, as long as it doesn’t hurt me. Revoke Obamacare? Sure, that won’t hurt me…or will it? War with North Korea? Yep, I live in a place not worth bombing. Women’s rights? Not my problem. Public education? My kids already graduated. Roads? Somebody better fix this pothole. Immigration? Put up a stupid wall. Government oversight of businesses? Stop regulating my clean water and air…I want to reduce the life expectancy in this country so I still get Social Security. 

Trumplestillskin keeps saying that what we have done with NK for the last 50 years hasn’t worked. Well, we haven’t been sending troops to get killed there for 50 years, I suppose I’m naive thinking that is a small victory. 

Another small victory is that Trump hasn’t killed us all. Just goes to show that the human spirit is unbreakable…ask Winston Smith, it all works out in the end. 

Victory gin, victory cigarettes, and victory souvlaki.

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