Day 263

The “who is the bigger moron contest” controversy continues in the White House. It is being reported that after T-Rex Tillerson called The Mini Peach Putin a moron, Trumplestillskin challenged Tillerson to an IQ test challenge. Okay, I’m not sure where Agent Orange is getting his IQ confidence…maybe he took one of those Facebook quizzes that steals all your information and tells you you are a genius, or maybe he took his test while enrolling at Pency Prep. #PhonyAdults #MoldingFineYoungMen Either way, Trumpopo believes he has a high IQ. Tillerson…I’m not sure, but he has got to be smarter than Trump. I say let’s have a Jeopardy game with Tillerson, Trumplestillskin, and Hillary. Make it a weeklong extravaganza. Who wouldn’t watch that? I’d even let Trump see the questions beforehand. 

Steve “My Liver Is As Gray As The Moon” Bannon is getting his minions ready to attack every republican congressman and senator…except Ted Cruz. Are you kidding me? Ted Cruz…the guy who looks like a poorly done wax figure of Eddie Munster? This is the guy you want back in the Senate? Well, good luck Mr. Bannon. 

Jimmy Kimmel has somehow become the most relevant political critic in the US. He took on Trumpcare and helped to kill it. This weekend he took on Trumplestillskin and Don-Fredo in a twitter battle over the Harvey “Creepy Guy With Money” Weinstein’s sexual predatory behavior. DJTJR wanted a Weinstein joke…and he got one…after Kimmel reminded DJTJR that Don-Fredo’s daddy has a history too. Don’t bring a knife to a p—- grabbing fight is my advice.

The other piece of advice I have for all of you is to eat souvlaki.

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