Day 261-October 8, 2017

Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) is in a tweet war this morning with Trumplestillskin. Corker said that the White House has become an adult day care center and that someone missed their morning shift…ouch. That’s a high-quality burn if you were a high school sophomore, but since the President and Senator are fighting it has me wondering how these idiots keep getting elected. What are the republicans offering that gets people to vote for them? 

1. Rid the world of abortion. Even though abortions rise when R are in the presidency. Lack of sex education = more abortion. 

2. Guns. “They’re gonna take our guns.” Okay, you need a gun for what? That one incident where you used a gun to protect you? Statistics show you are more likely to shoot someone you know than an intruder. So, you aren’t safer then, are you? The zombie apocalypse? The government taking over? Hunting? Okay, have a rifle and shotgun. Keep a handgun in your house if you don’t mind killing someone you know, but we all know you don’t need an assault rifle. 

3. Taxes…um, unless you are a millionaire you realize there isn’t going to be a tax cut for you. So… are you voting just in case you become a millionaire? Kinda like needed an assault rifle isn’t it? 

4. Fear…this is the entire republican platform: Fear. Fear other countries. Fear your neighbor. Fear the government is going to take your stuff. Fear people from other countries. Fear other people are having unprotected sex. Fear science. Fear statistics. Fear Hollywood. Fear rap music. Fear socialized medicine. Fear death panels. Trust Big Brother. 

I remember the words of some guy, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” He then turned to the waiter and said, “Pass me a souvlaki.”

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