Day 257

The Mini-Peach Putin, The Carrot Colored Gaddafi is off to Puerto Rico today. Here’s my prediction: 

1. Largest, biggest will be said several times.

2. He will be wearing a hat that will be for sale on his website.

3. He’ll be nice until he is on Air Force One and heading back to WA DC. Then he will tweet something about democrats and Puerto Ricans wanting everything done for them. 

The most important news is at the Supreme Court where they will be ruling on gerrymandering in Wisconsin. This decision will have long lasting impacts on our government and ruling party. I don’t care if you are a R or a D, we should all agree that gerrymandering is wrong and shouldn’t be used to fix elections. 

THE KUSH had a third email address used for government work. This guy is his own full-blown scandal. He can’t fill out a form without lying. He can’t remember anything. He would be dealing crack out of the trunk of a 73 Dodge Dart if his daddy and daddy in law weren’t rich. THE KUSH= all the evidence you ever need that privilege exists. 

Pat Robertson is blaming the shooting in Las Vegas on people being disrespectful to The Peach Pol Pot. We all probably realize that Robertson’s brain has been misfiring for about 40 years now, but I’m not sure this makes sense to the most delusional member of Pat’s cult. Let me explain the shooting using a simple analogy. I have a car. It sits in a garage. It didn’t kill anyone today. See, my car is guiltless. It is people who make my car bad. So, when I register my car and the government regulates my car. I don’t complain because cars can be dangerous. I also have to get insurance to drive my car in case I hurt someone else with my car, because cars can hurt other people. If I misuse my car, I can get arrested and put in jail. If someone steals my car I report it stolen. If I modify my car in a dangerous way, I can be punished. There is no reason to own fifty cars. There is no reason to own a car that can drive 500 miles per hour. There is no reason for me to drive my car through Walmart because of my second amendment rights…wait, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, GUNS ARE USED TO KILL. There is no other purpose to a gun. Cars are used for transportation and WE REGISTER AND REGULATE CARS!!! IDIOTS!!! All of you second amendment nuts can move to Somalia and shoot all you want. The rest of us, the MAJORITY, want reasonable gun control. 

If you want to pry anything from my cold dead hands, it’ll be a souvlaki.

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