Day 253

I’m happy to announce that THE KUSH is a dude. Apparently, there was a data entry mistake on his voter registration. Now can someone find out if Steven Miller has checked the Cyborg box on his voter card?

Puerto Rico is struggling to get food, water, and electricity to people. The Mini-Peach-Putin doesn’t seem too concerned and instead of focusing on the disaster he is tweeting about the NFL players disrespecting the flag. RANT ALERT!!! RANT ALERT!!! I’m going to explain this using little words. The protests are not about the flag. The protests are about the killing of unarmed black men by police. If you think it is about disrespecting the flag, then you are a simpleton. If you think it is worse to kneel during the playing of the national anthem than to tolerate the systematic violence against people of color in our country, then in the words of poet John Lennon, “You say you got a real solution. Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan.” Maybe people of color in our country should start open carrying machine guns to protect themselves…how would you feel about that? Maybe violent protests around the country would help? Maybe all the professional athletes in the US should stop playing the games we all love to watch and see if that gets your damn attention. (This works fine for me since my two favorite sports to watch are international soccer and rugby.) Hey snowflake, stop being a baby about a flag and start caring about people!

I’m gonna keep caring about my family, my friends, and my souvlaki.

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