Day 244

The UN has a tradition of having at least one unhinged national leader speak each year, this year filling the role was non-other than President Agent-Orange-Julius-Caesar Dumpster-Fire-and-Fuhrer The-Radish-Shaped-Ruler The-Mini-Peach-Putin Von Trumplestillskin. He managed to call another leader “the rocket man” and threaten to destroy North Korea if they tried to touch our cookies. If you didn’t know, Trumplestillskin was offered the role of president in the movie Sharknado…can someone please check to see that he doesn’t think he is starring in a really long movie? I mean it, he can’t really believe that this is reality, can he? 

The “Family Values” party, the Grand Old Party, has a new website run by the republican governors’ association. It’s set up to look like a news website, you know like government news, or what one might call propaganda. This won’t bother most people because it isn’t that different than Faux Newz, but I’m continually bothered by the blurring of the line between the truth and whatever it is that we are currently living through…when will Manafort come out of his hidden storage locker and say, “Agent Orange made me do it”? Can we just hit fast forward and get to the trial? 

Another of the GOP’s finest, South Dakota State Rep Lynne DeSanto, posted a gif that said, “All Lives Splatter.” The GIF showed the protestors getting run over by the white supremacist in Charlottesville. Yep, our elected representatives are now the ones posting opponents getting hit by golf balls, slamming news agencies in a WWE wrestling ring, and laughing about the death of a protestor. I’m not saying that democrats haven’t done a few stupid things, but I am saying that it’s about ten to one on the stupid scale. As the philosopher Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” 

Don’t be stupid, have a souvlaki.

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