Day 235

President Agent-Orange-Julius-Caesar Dumpster-Fire-and-Fuhrer The-Mini-Peach-Putin Von Trumplestillskin will be overseeing his first 9/11 memorial today. Things I hope he doesn’t mention: 

1. His victory. 

2. The size of the crowd. 

3. The media. 

4. North Korea

5. The deal he made with the democrats.

6. The money he got for Trump Tower even though it wasn’t damaged during the attack. 

I’m not sure which interview was more stomach turning: Steve “Street Fighting Made My Face Like This” Bannon on 60 Minutes, or Hillary “Not All My Excuses Are Not For Bill” Clinton on Sunday Morning. Bannon didn’t apologize for anything and Clinton blamed everyone else for not winning the presidency. Anyone else want to help me write a romantic comedy screenplay? When Hillary Met Stevie. “They were enemies…until they weren’t.” 

Priebus and McGahn have hired lawyers. That makes it official. There are no more lawyers left in the US. All of them are in WA DC defending or prosecuting the Trumplestillskin administration. 

North Korea has promised the “greatest pain” to the United States. I’m not sure what that means, but if you’ve stepped on a rock with the heel of your foot you know what NK is planning. I’m checking my shoes every morning until they launch the ICBMs. Better safe than sorry. 

Irma didn’t destroy most of Florida, but it came close. Al Gore is probably behind this whole thing. I’d be mad at Florida too…so close and yet so far. 

I’m going to get up close and personal with a souvlaki this afternoon.

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