Day 227

Well, North Korea blew up a weapon that caused an earthquake…that’s not good. I heard someone describe Kim Jong Un as a spoiled, power hungry leader and I thought to myself, “Is he talking about President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Trumpster-Fire and Fuhrer-The Mango Madman-Von Trumplestillskin, or Un?” Either way it fits. Live each day like it’s your last people on the West Coast, because the way things are going it soon might be. 

The Russian Embassy in San Francisco had a plume of black smoke coming out of the chimney on one of the hottest days in SF history. The Russians were either electing a new pope or burning documents before they get evicted. 

Trumplestillskin has named an ex-coal mining executive to head up the mine safety oversight. The executive has a history of fighting against mine safety. Pretty soon Trump-roast will be naming Super Dave Osborne to head up highway safety. (I’d rant about Betsy Devos’ recent moves, but too much outrage is unsightly.) 

It is official, Trump Tower was not wire-tapped like the Orangutan in Chief has claimed. I’m certain he will apologize to Obama now that the facts are out there. Or he might claim he never said that. 

You know what was hacked? The elections. 21 states had voter errors that didn’t allow people to vote. The New York Times has a long article detailing what happened. Hmmm…I wonder why this isn’t something Trump is talking about? 

Want to miss Obama a little bit more? Read the letter he left Trump. It had four things to remember about being president.

1. Build ladders for people to climb to success.

2. American leadership is important in the world. 

3. Guard the institutions of the USA. The president is temporary, the institutions maintain the nation. 

4. Spend time with your family. 

Trump must have started reading it, got bored and read the end because he missed most of what was being said. The ladders thing was a metaphor, I think Trumplestillskin thought that people should build actual ladders to get over his wall…maybe? 

The last part about spending time with his family is how Trump has spent most of his time. He hasn’t gotten distracted from is golf trips with family and weekends at his clubs. 

The only thing Obama should have included in his letter is, “You might want to go with a different skin tone. Orange prison jumpsuits might clash with orange skin.” 

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend. Brought to you by the Labor Unions of the USA. I’m going to be joining the Souvlaki Makers of the USA Union soon.

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