Day 226

Little behind schedule today. Just like my hero Donnie Johnnie Trumpie I’m doing my part to keep the wheels of progress greased. He’s doing it by employing every lawyer in DC, dishing out food in Houston, getting ready to start a war with North Korea, and keeping the Oval Office jobs on a two-week rotation. I’m doing it by grading papers all weekend. 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Dumpster Fire and Furry von Trumplestillskin and White House Chief of Staff Machine Gun Kelly had a little disagreement. Apparently, Trump yelled at Kelly who later said he had never been treated like that and it wouldn’t happen again. If you know Trump roast like I know Trump roast, you know Trump will do it again. He is unable to learn. Will Kelly fight Trump? I’d pay to see that. 

I’d also pay for a tasty souvlaki.

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