A Year Of tRUMP

Day 213

Anyone else tired of all this winning? “We are going to win so much; you’ll get tired of winning.”- Agent Orange Julius Caesar Tossed Salad Dumpster-Fire and Fury Von Trumplestillskin. 

Our elected National Embarrassment spent yesterday in his bathrobe watching all 17 episodes of Joanie Loves Chachi, and then he watched Faux and Friendz until he fell asleep in his LazyBoy covered in Cheeto dust and exasperation. (Yes, I intentionally left it open for you to interpret whether his chair was covered, or he was covered…could be both.)

The number of people running away from the Atomic Explosion known as the Trump Administration is too vast to enumerate here, but the Teflon-Trump-roast now stinks enough that no one wants to be near him.

There are a few die herds who are either trying to keep our country running or are too thick to see the Trump Train is about to fly off the track like the opening scene in Toy Story 3. Either way, White House Chief of Staff “Machine Gun” Kelly has had the worst week of his professional life and he was in charge of giving military assistance to the LA police during the 1992 riots. 

Well, I’m going to hang up Bannon’s jersey in the White House rafters next to all the other heroes in the Trumplestillskin Administration, mow the yard, and eat a souvlaki.

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