A Year Of tRUMP

Day 211

Is President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Dumpster-Fire and Fury Von Trumplestillskin’s administrative ship sinking? It sure feels like it because while Donnie John Trump is rearranging the deck chairs on the Make The Titanic Great Again ship. Everyone else is heading for the lifeboats. Tim Scott (R) and Bob Corker (R) both spoke directly at Trumplestillskin for his reaction to Charlottesville. Two companies have pulled their fund-raising dinners at Mar-a-Lago. Donny John Trump (close to DDT, but DJT) had to shut down his two advisory boards because it was going to be an advisory board of one if he kept going. 

It has also been a bad week for neo-nazis. Ok-Cupid kicked all Nazis off the dating site. Good thing they still have Farmers Only. The ACLU has said they will no longer support armed hate groups who want to protest. They will still support Nazis who want to show up unarmed. Which is how it should be. You want to be a nazi, let your brilliant ideas shine forth. As my friend 

V… G

said once, “The evidence that white supremacy doesn’t exist can be seen in every person who believes in white supremacy.” In other words, nazis are stupid. A statue of General Lee was tarred and feathered, but my favorite defacing of a racist statue was a simple one. A lady draped a “Second Place” banner around a confederate statue. She included a sign that said, “Participation.” The best weapon against these confederacy nuts is to mock them. 

In Russian news, take a peek at BillMoyers.com to see Trumplestillskin’s long relationship with Russian mobsters and bankers. 

Remember, Mueller is still out there with Maxwell’s silver hammer. 

The presidential Orangutan told a fairy tale yesterday. He has told this fairy tale before. It was that General Pershing dipped bullets in pig’s blood and then shot 49 Muslims…it stopped Muslim uprisings for 30 years. Yep, that’s quite a story. It’s not true, but that isn’t going to stop our Presidential National Tragedy from telling the tale again and again. It reminded me of the story Trumpster-fire talked about Bernhard Langer seeing people vote illegally in Florida. Longer said, “I never said that.” Trump said, “Make America Great Again! YEEHAAH!” Or, there was the time when Trump-Roast said, “Mexico will pay for it. Hillary will go to jail. Drain the swamp. This is my real hair. I’d date my daughter if I could. Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers…I suppose some of them are good people. There were good people at the nazi rally.” Yep, this is our president. We can’t erase that history, but the Trump presidential library should be a building that looks like the Kremlin and have the articles of impeachment nailed to the door. 

If I’m going to spill any pig’s blood you know it’s so I can fill a souvlaki with pork.

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