Day 208

Well…President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Dumpster-Fire and Fury Von Trumplestillskin made a clear statement denouncing white supremacists. His reading of the statement did smack of Eddie Haskell– “Good morning, Mrs. Cleaver. Good morning, Mr. Cleaver.”– and his body language was right out of “go and tell Jimmy you’re sorry you called him a liberated.” (I just realized how hard it is to type libertard with spell check. “It’s not liberated!” So… everyone who types the word must have told their dictionary to learn the word, or they don’t use spell-check.) 

After the statement, the baby orangutan tweeted out a statement about the fake media bullying him into making the statement, retweeted a picture of a cartoon character with a CNN logo placed over its face getting run over by a Trump Train, and retweeted something from Jack Posobiec (known white nationalist and the guy who spread rumors about PizzaGate and the murder of Seth Rich). In other words, Trumplestillskin is unable to learn from his mistakes. 

Three more CEOs left Trump’s advisory board. Pretty soon this advisory board is going to consist of White Power Cleaners, the guy from Hobby Lobby, and Dana White. 

Here’s the question of the day, will we reach the solar eclipse before the end of the world, or will we get to see it happen? 

On that happy note, I’m off to find some joy in Mudville…a Souvlaki lunch is in the works.

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