Day 206

A 32-year-old woman was killed by a white supremacist yesterday. I’m sure the 20-year-old idiot driving the car hoped to kill more people when he plowed into the crowd protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia. He was captured soon after the murder took place. 

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Fire and Fury Von Trumplestillskin came out and said that we must stop this violence on both sides…

There can be no moral equivalency here. There is no “both sides were wrong” on this issue. There needs to be a red line between right and wrong. Here it is: One group came to Charlottesville to preach hate; the other group came to stop it. One group was morally wrong, one group was morally right…end of discussion. 

Why wouldn’t our Presidential Orangutan say that white supremacists are idiots and should be treated like all other hate groups? Because they are Trump’s base. 

(History Lesson coming…probably boring and not funny, but today, I’m not in the mood. Please stick with me because I think this will help explain all of this craziness.) 

Steve “Looking Homeless is a Fashion Choice” Bannon is a guy with a varied background: Navy-Goldman Sacks-Hollywood-Breitbart News-White House. Along the way, Bannon helped fund a company, IGE, that found a way to make money off of internet gamers. IGE hired Chinese gamers to farm gold in World of Warcraft. These Chinese gamers would do the hours of grunt work to earn gold in the game. IGE would then sell their earnings in the real world for real money. Gamers in the West had money, but not the time, so they would illegally buy the merch from IGE. All of this illegal activity took place in the gaming chat rooms. (These chat rooms are important to Bannon’s epiphany.) Bannon invested $60 million in IGE. Blizzard software (makers of the World of Warcraft game) figured out what was going on and closed a ton of IGE accounts. IGE started to lose money and Bannon jumped over to Breitbart News, but the gaming chat rooms blew up. Bannon watched how the internet trolls in the chat rooms operated. This incident spawned GamerGate, which was where internet trolls took on women gamers and minority gamers. The hatred spewed out through the chat rooms caught Bannon’s fancy and he tapped into this rage and unleashed the “rootless, white males” through Breitbart News. He hired Milo Yiannopoulos to be head tech troll at Breitbart. Bannon realized that these internet trolls would be the tireless workers in an election if they had the right candidate…enter Donnie “Stretch-Fit-Pants” TrumpsterFire. 

So, yesterday when the time had come to denounce the white supremacists, Trump didn’t direct his focus on those folks responsible for the hatred because those are his people. Those people are his most vocal supporters. Those people are advising him in the Oval Office: Steven Bannon, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka. 

Roll back to the day that Skynet-Robot-Caught-in-a-“Jim”-Loop: Stephen Miller got in the verbal merry-go-round with Jim Acosta. What did Miller do? He trolled Acosta. He provided nothing of substance. It was like reading the comment section of any internet newspaper. He didn’t provide a program to help immigrants. He smarmily pushed Acosta’s buttons and the Alt-Right internet blew up with praise. That is because these clowns aren’t here to govern, they are here to troll. They get a win when they make liberals mad. They don’t care if Russia helped them win an election, they care that it makes liberals mad. They don’t care if everyone goes without healthcare, they care that it makes liberals mad. They can’t govern, because they don’t have a plan, their plan is to make liberals mad…and that’s it. Seven years was not enough time to work out a plan to replace Obamacare, because they don’t really want to replace it, they want anger. (Oh, I think Paul “Ayn Rand” Ryan is only a shade better than these racist morons.) 

How do we (I’m assuming you’re on board if you read this far) fight these idiots. We show up. We resist. We support differences. We don’t let a 32-year-old woman die for a cause that all of us should agree is right. 

And… we celebrate the diverse food options available to us in the USA: SOUVLAKI!

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