Day 199

The Trumplestilskin administration got something resembling governing done. That’s right, I’m going to give them credit for getting the UN sanctions placed against North Korea. Is it a coincidence that the Orangutan in Chief is on vacation? Is it a coincidence that his little Cheeto fingers haven’t tweeted something stupid out for a few days? Is it possible that White House Chief of Staff, Machine Gun Kelly has found the magic formula to get things done…make sure President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Lord Dampnut Von Trumplestilskin has nothing to do with the running of the government? 

Who is going to replace The Mooch? (When I say replace, I mean take the job that The Mooch got fired from before he started. The Mooch might be the only person in America to be fired five days before they were to begin.) The leading replacement idiot seems to be Stephen “Not All Robots Are Created Equal” Miller. (God may not make mistakes, but Skynet certainly does.) I’m not sure I can listen to this Alt-Right noodle head more than once every six months, but I have a feeling he will implode if given the job. His smug, debate captain attitude can work if he only appears like Punxsutawney Phil and then crawls back into his hole in the ground, but if he had to answer to his cornucopia of lies his head would explode. (You tell me, does Miller look like one of the Aliens from Mars Attacks!?)

Another Faux Newz anchor has bitten the dust. Is there a section of the application that says: Are you willing to sexually harass females at work? Maybe their plan is to Make America Great Again by Making America More Like The First Season of Mad Men (MAMLTFSOMM?). 

America will never be great until we have a Souvlaki Hut on every corner.

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